Laboratory of Geomechanics & Mine Equipment

Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering - Institute of Technology, Bandung

This laboratory supports academic activities in the fields of geomechanics, slope stability, tunneling, blasting, mine equipment, mine ventilation


In 1996, Chair of the Mining Engineering Department Prof. Dr. Ir. Irwandy Arif asked Suseno Kramadibrata to build a laboratory for student practicum in General Mining Options.

At that time laboratory facilities were very minimum so the practice of Blasting, Drilling & Excavation and Ventilation Techniques was still very simple. For this development it is necessary to first make efforts to improve the room for the laboratory which is then united with the drilling machine equipment warehouse owned by the Mining Engineering Department of ITB. Next is planning for the addition of practicum equipment by designing test equipment and searching for used equipment in several mines in Indonesia that can be used as a model in practicum.

In 1997, Prof. Dr. Ir. Made Astawa Rai as Manager of the Stone Mechanics Laboratory asked Suseno Kramadibrata to improve and improve the Stone Mechanics laboratory facilities so that students and lecturers can conduct research in the geomechanics field. The follow-up is to start the construction of an integrated General Mining laboratory by taking a room on the ground floor of the Gedung Tambang Timur.


The General Mining Laboratory was initially to support the subject:

  • Stone Mechanics,

  • Blasting Technique,

  • Drilling & Excavation Techniques,

  • Measure Mine,

  • Mining Equipment,

  • Mine Ventilation,

  • Practicum of Measuring the Displacement of Underground Walls and Underground Buffering.