Workshop & Seminar Nasional Geomekanika 3 - 2015


WSNG 3 diadakan pada tanggal 16 -17 Februari 2015 di Hotel Santika Premiera, Jakarta sebagai hasil kolaborasi antara IRMS dan Department of Mining Engineering, University of Trisakti, Jakarta.

On Februari 16, seminar was opened by Vice Rector University of Trisakti, Ir. Asri N. IAdjidarmo, MS, PhD. The main speakers consist of (1) President of Indonesian Rock Mechanics Society, Dr. Suseno Kramadibrata. (2) Director of Engineering and Environment Mineral and Coal, Ministry of energy and mineral resources, Ir. Bambang Susigit, MT, represented by the Head of Sub Directorate of Mines Safety and Environmental Engineering, Directorate General of Mineral and Coal, Ir. Eko Gunarto, MT. (3) Director of PT. MRT Jakarta, Ir. Dono Boestami represented by Director of Construction PT. MRT Jakarta, M Nasyir.


The number of papers published in the proceeding is 42 papers. The papers consist of 22papers from university, where the author is a student and lecturer/researcher and 20 papers from industry/practitioners, delivering case studies related to underground mining (3 papers), and open pit (17 papers). The number presented in the seminar is 24 papers. The papers were presented in two rooms in parallel.

On February 17, workshop was conducted with the themes (1) Basic understanding on rockbreaking by means of rock cutting by Dr. Suseno Kramadibrata; (2) Development of understanding coal mines in Indonesia considering enviromental issues by Prof. Kikuo Matsui;(3) Risk management in geotechnical project by Prof. Ridho K. Wattimena; (4) High pressure grouting injection for ground stabilization oleh Era Setiawan; (5) Hi-tech micro tunneling in Indonesia for enviromental improvement by economic method by Prof. Kikuo Matsui; (6) Hitech micro tunneling project: Case study Unclem ole-L by Dr. Masaya Hirai.

After the implementation of the workshop, the activities continued with a field trip to the construction of diversion from Ciliwung river to east flood canal in the area of Otista, East Jakarta. This event was attended by all workshop participants.

Exhibition session was also organized during the seminar followed by IDS Australasia, Bintangmandiri Perkasa Drill, Ground Probe, 2M Engineering, ISRM and Majalah Tambang.

The total number of participant for seminar 180 participants and workshop 26 participants, respectively Sponsors for this event consist of IDS Australasia, Bintangmandiri Perkasa Drill, Dahana(Persero), DNX Indonesia, Ground Probe Indonesia, Mineral and Coal Studio, Adaro Indonesia and Berau Coal.